Andy Samberg And His Wife Joanna Newsom Slammed Each Other During A Brooklyn Nine Nine Cameo (2024)


  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine was given a memorable sendoff with great cameos.
  • Joanna Newsom's hilarious appearance included cheeky banter and nods to reality.
  • Andy Samberg's real-life connection with Newsom mirrors their on-screen banter.

Fans might have felt a twinge of letdown when Brooklyn Nine-Nine wrapped in its eighth season, but that sentiment didn’t extend to the show’s two-part finale. From the sudden reappearance of Chelsea Peretti (Gina Linetti), who’d quietly exited the show years prior, to the bombshell reveals about the characters' futures, the show’s blow-out series finale was anything but dull.

But one particularly sizzling nugget might have slipped under fans' radar; Andy Samberg's wife, Joanna Newsom’s, hilarious, albeit fleeting, cameo. In this article, we’ll dive into Newsom’s unexpected Nine-Nine appearance, where she and Samberg traded some cheeky banter in an intriguing homage to reality.

Andy Samberg And His Wife Joanna Traded Hilarious Jabs In Her Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cameo

With numerous accolades, including two Golden Globe Awards and eleven Primetime Emmy Award nominations, and a viewership fluctuating between 2 and 5 million per season, it's not exactly a mystery why Brooklyn Nine-Nine consistently ranked among the best-rated TV shows since its debut episode aired on Fox in 2013.

Andy Samberg And His Wife Joanna Newsom Slammed Each Other During A Brooklyn Nine Nine Cameo (1)

As expected, fans were devastated when the show closed its final chapter in 2021. Perhaps to cushion the blow, the cast wrapped their journey on the show in a remarkably spectacular fashion; a Halloween heist episode brimming with hilarious misdirects and jaw-dropping reveals.

But there’s one titillating nod to reality that might have flown under the radar amid the flurry of hilarity that marked the series finale; Andy Samberg’s wife Joanna Newsom making a cameo.

The now 42-year-old singer-songwriter makes a surprise entrance in the episode’s final moments, bursting out of a closet right after the gang gets trapped in a storage container by Boyle’s doppelgänger, Bill.

Samberg reacts to Newsom’s sudden appearance in classic Peralta fashion. “Who the hell are you?!” he blurts out incredulously, upon which Andre Braugher (Captain Raymond Holt) introduces Newsom as “Caroline St. Jacques Renard, The associate principal cellist for the Berlin Philharmonic.”

Though brief, Newsom’s cameo adds a hilarious twist to the episode, primarily because it features Newsom and Samberg dishing out a light-hearted roast that feels like a tongue-in-cheek nod to their real-life relationship.

To kick things off, Samberg (Jake Peralta) accuses Braugher (Captain Raymond Holt) of ruining his big Nine-Nine farewell by inviting Newsom (Caroline St. Jacques Renard).

“Are you kidding me! You ruined my big goodbye to the Nine-Nine so we could listen to some nerd play a giant violin?”


Andre Braugher Was On The Verge Of Breaking Character During An Emotional Scene With Andy Samberg On Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Fans noticed Andre Braugher breaking during a scene with Andy Samberg, and it was kept in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Moments later, Newsom interrupts Terry Crews’ (Terry Jeffords) heartfelt speech to deliver a light-hearted jab of her own, referring to Samberg as “the ugly one that made fun of my cello.”

Andy Samberg And His Wife Joanna's Brooklyn Nine-Nine Roast Was Hilariously Ironic

While Andy Samberg might have roasted Joanna Newsom's musical prowess during her guest appearance on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, reality paints a vastly different picture. Ironically, Samberg is a massive fan of Newsom’s music in real life.

Although the Palm Springs star has made a point of keeping the nitty-gritty of his marriage to the singer-songwriter under tight wraps, he’s never passed up an opportunity to gush over her music.

He once said of her music in an interview:

“She’s got classical influence, but she’s generally categorized more as a folk singer-songwriter, but I wouldn’t put her in the same category as people who are called that. It’s veery unique. She’s the best. It’s crazy. Her music’s incredible. I can’t talk it up enough. I met her at her concert. I’m a superfan.”

What's more, despite referring to him as "the ugly one that made fun of my cello", Newsom is also a big fan of Samberg, once describing him as her favorite person in the world. The now 42-year-old said of Samberg during her 2016 appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers:


Andy Samberg's Shocking SNL Contract Clause Proves Lorne Michaels Is Out Of Touch

Even before his audition, Andy Samberg was forced to sign a questionable contract with SNL and Lorne Michaels.

“I was a big fan of his. In fact, the night that I met him … I had just been with my band backstage, like, an hour before, watching Just 2 Guyz. He plays Steve the c–t. … So when I met him, he was kinda shy, and I said, ‘Oh, my God, you’re Steve the c–t!’ He always says he saw heart bubbles.”

Has Joanna Newsom Appeared In Other Shows Starring Andy Samberg?

Although Andy Samberg and his wife have been together for nearly two decades, fans know next to nothing about their private lives. Newsom’s Nine-Nine cameo gave fans a rare sneak-peak into the duo’s relationship, showcasing the playful dynamic they’ve developed over the years.

Andy Samberg And His Wife Joanna Newsom Slammed Each Other During A Brooklyn Nine Nine Cameo (5)

But that was not the first time Newsom had found herself roped into one of Samberg’s projects. Speaking to Consequence of Sound in 2020, Samberg credited Newsom with rescuing his 2020 film, Palm Springs, by offering a brilliant idea for a soundtrack.

"When my wife, Joanna Newsom, read the script, she said, 'Do you know that song 'When the Morning Comes' by Hall and Oates?' And I was like, 'No, I haven't heard that one,’” he recalled. “And I love Hall and Oates. So, she played it for me and I was like, 'Holy s**t.'"


Andy Samberg Asked His Mom Permission To Take On An "Out Of Character" Interview That Found His Biological Grandmother

Fans got to see the serious side of Andy Samberg during an unforgettable interview of Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr.

What’s more, that wasn’t the first time a Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast member got to share the screen with their real-life romantic partner. From Melissa Fumero’s husband, David Fumero, who portrayed Melvin Stermly in season two, to Danielle Aubuchon, Dirk Blocker’s wife, who portrayed Jenny in season five, there were plenty of occasions where the cast’s off-screen lives spilled onto the small screen.

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Andy Samberg And His Wife Joanna Newsom Slammed Each Other During A Brooklyn Nine Nine Cameo (2024)


Are Melissa Fumero and Andy Samberg friends? ›

Now he's my friend.” She described him as a “non-stop idea machine.” “Andy's brain is constantly going,” Fumero said. “I'd expected this zany, crazy, energetic type of guy, but he's actually very laid-back and sweet.” When they finished filming the last scene of the show, Fumero hugged Samberg first.

Did Jake and Amy date in real life? ›

There was no romantic angle for Melvin, though, as Jake and Amy were dating in season 5 and even married in the finale. But the truth is that the actors playing Amy and Melvin have been married since 2007 with the latter played by Melissa Fumero's husband, David Fumero.

Did the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast get along? ›

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast was always incredibly close, which became especially evident when they paid tribute to Andre after his death.

Why did Andy Samberg change his name? ›

At age 5, he told his parents that he wanted to change his name to Andy. Samberg was raised in a Jewish family, but considers himself "not particularly religious". He also has Italian heritage. He attended Chabot Elementary School with his future Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-star Chelsea Peretti.

Why did Amy leave Brooklyn 99? ›

Pt. 1. Jake (Andy Samberg) organizes a last "heist" before Holt (Andre Braugher) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) leave the precinct for their new roles as deputy commissioner and chief of the reform program.

Is the actress who plays Amy on Brooklyn 99 Pregnant? ›

The real reason behind Amy's secret identity as a pregnant inmate in Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3 is that Melissa Fumero was actually pregnant with her first child at the time of filming. If an actress becomes pregnant when their character is not, TV shows will usually attempt to hide the growing bump.

Who is Captain Holt's real life partner? ›

His character was gay and married to Kevin in the series, though in real life Braugher was straight, and married to wife Ami Brabson. After Braugher told his family about his new role, he admitted that playing a character with a different sexual preference to his own caused some confusion for one of his three sons.

Do Jake and Amy break up? ›

They are the primary couple on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the only romance between main characters on the show. They start the series as work colleagues, and as of the finale, are married with a 2-year-old son, McClane "Mac" Peralta-Santiago.

Why did Kyra Sedgwick leave Brooklyn 99? ›

Kyra Sedgwick left Brooklyn 99 to appear in Call Your Mother as the lead character — unfortunately, her show got canceled after only one season. Call Your Mother was about an empty nester who reasserts herself back into her grown children's lives, however, the show tanked and ABC subsequently gave it the ax.

Are Chelsea Peretti and Andy Samberg friends? ›

(Fun fact: Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Saturday Night Live alum Samberg has been friends with Peretti since childhood).

Are Craig Robinson and Andy Samberg friends? ›

There are three of us, Andy Samberg, Common, and myself — we're three friends that grew up making music together.

Who did Peralta end up with? ›

In the winter finale of Season 4, Jake agrees to move into Amy's apartment. In the Season 5episode "HalloVeen," Jake proposes to Amy in the evidence locker room (where they shared their first real kiss) and she accepts. They finally get married outside the precinct in the season finale, titled "Jake & Amy."

Are Andy Samberg and Mark Zuckerberg friends? ›

When asked who his one Facebook friend is, Samberg replied 'Mark Zuckerberg' leaving Fallon gobsmacked. Recounting the event, the ex-SNL star said: 'We were at Facebook doing an event and we were in his office hanging out - cause you know, he did SNL so we're sort of friendly - and it somehow came up.

What does Andy Samberg do now? ›

Samberg, who rose to fame on Saturday Night Live, is one part of comedy trio The Lonely Island with Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone. They have been busy promoting their new podcast with Seth Meyers, an audio series which sees the four comedians reminisce about their time on SNL.

How old is Amy Santiago in season 1? ›

Based on this, it's safe to assume Amy was 36 at that moment. This means she's 30 years old during the first season and 38 during the last one.

Are Andy Samberg and Craig Robinson friends? ›

There are three of us, Andy Samberg, Common, and myself — we're three friends that grew up making music together.

Who is Amy's best friend in cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? ›

Kylie is mentioned to be Amy's only friend. She also appears to be Amy's main source of dates as most of Amy's dates appear to be acquaintances of Kylie.

Are Jake and Amy best friends? ›

When we first met Jake and Amy they had a friendly but competitive friendship. However, over time Jake begins to have feelings for his fellow officer. But just when he starts to realize this she starts dating a cop from another precinct.

What ethnicity is Melissa Fumero? ›

Melissa Gallo was born in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, on August 19, 1982. Her Cuban parents moved to the U.S. as teenagers. Her mother was a homemaker and hairdresser, and her father taught mathematics and worked at a jewelry store.

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