The 10 best breakfast restaurants in Phoenix (2024)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so folks say. One thing's for sure, it definitely can be the most delicious. Across the Valley, metro Phoenix diners, cafes, bakeries and coffee shops are churning out some excellent morning meals. Here are our picks for the 10 best breakfast restaurants in Phoenix.

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At Butters, the pancakes are the star of the show.

Tirion Boan

Butters Pancakes & Cafe

Multiple locations

The name of this local breakfast chain speaks the truth. The delicious, craveable pancakes taste exactly like salted butter. These decadent flapjacks come with many different toppings, and we recommend ordering the banana creme version, which is piled high with cold slices of banana, graham cracker pecan crumbs and caramel. Along with pancakes, Butters serves waffles, crepes, French toast, omelets, scrambles, skillets and benedicts. And that’s all before you reach the specialties section of the menu. So make sure to come hungry to this buzzy and busy family-friendly spot. Put your name down for a booth, or grab a seat at the bar to watch baristas work their magic alongside fresh oranges rolling through an automatic juicer.

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Copper Star Coffee is the perfect spot to grab breakfast on the go.

Lauren Cusimano

Copper Star Coffee

4220 N. Seventh Ave.

Situated along Seventh Avenue in the heart of Phoenix’s Melrose District, Copper Star Coffee churns out lattes and bagels at a rapid speed starting at 6 a.m. every day. The converted gas station offers drive-thru service, an eclectic interior and shaded patio. Along with the selection of coffee drinks, bagels are king at Copper Star. The homemade rounds come in an array of flavors, such as jalapeño and cheddar cheese, sun-dried tomato or blueberry. The savory options pair perfectly with breakfast sandwich fillings including eggs and cheese plus your choice of bacon, turkey, ham and other meat and veggie options. The bagel sandwiches are piping hot and delicious, making them the perfect option for breakfast on the go or hanging out on the patio, iced hazelnut latte in hand.

Harlow’s Cafe

1021 W. University Drive, Tempe

Step back in time for breakfast at this Tempe classic. Amid the ever-evolving blocks around Arizona State University, Harlow's Cafe remains the same. Cars pack the parking lot of this little wood-walled diner. Inside, customers crowd into booths and find seats along the table-height counter. The coffee is black, the burritos are huge, and the servers are friendly, making this a perfect spot to start your day. First thing in the morning, you may find yourself surrounded by early birds and retired folks. A little later on, those nursing a hangover come in for sizzling bacon and hearty hash browns. We’re partial to the Chill Wills, which comes with a choice of eggs, choice of toast, sausage links, bacon, thick-cut slices of ham and hash browns. It’s impossible to leave Harlow's hungry.

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JL Patisserie’s croissants are shatteringly crispy with clear striations.

Allison Young

JL Patisserie

4700 N. Central Ave. #121
7342 E. Shea Blvd. #108, Scottsdale

Elevate your morning with a trip to this European bakery and restaurant. JL Patisserie has two Valley locations: one in Central Phoenix and another in Scottsdale, where owner Jenna Leurquin and her team bake exceptionally crafted classic and stuffed croissants, pain aux raisins, kouign-amann and pain au chocolat. Along with the flaky vinoisserie, don’t miss the thick slices of quiche and seasonally flavored coffees. Make sure to take home some macarons and a loaf of fresh bread for later.

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Join the crowd at Joe's Diner for a classic breakfast.

Lauren Cusimano

Joe’s Diner

4515 N. Seventh Ave.

Joe’s Diner is hard to miss. This bright yellow-painted diner is a Melrose District staple. And if the color doesn’t grab your attention, the line of patrons waiting outside surely will. This popular spot fills up on the weekends with hungry customers eager for their fill of classic breakfast items and black coffee. Joe’s opens at 7 a.m. daily, serving customers in its no-frills interior filled with booths, large round group tables and the occasional road sign for decor. The focus here is on the food. For something sure to fill you up all day, try the savory and satisfying biscuits and gravy or one of the giant burritos. But whatever you do, save room for a side of some of the fluffiest buttermilk pancakes in town.

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Make sure to check the pastry case at Ollie Vaughn's for the fresh-baked offerings.

Ollie Vaughn's

Ollie Vaughn's

1526 E. McDowell Road

It would be easy to drive right past this little spot on McDowell Road. But Ollie Vaughn’s is worth seeking out. Tucked into a strip of shops along the Miracle Mile, the bakery and cafe opened in 2013. For the last decade, it consistently has churned out delicious breakfast items that rely on local ingredients and careful preparation. Take a look at the brown paper rolls displaying the day’s specials, and peek inside the pastry case to see what sweet treats catch your eye. On the breakfast menu, you can’t go wrong with the pork chile verde with a fried egg served in a cast-iron skillet or the fluffy lemon ricotta pancakes topped with blueberry compote, whipped butter and almond frangipane crumble. Grab a cozy table inside or find a seat on the small but pretty patio to start your day in the sunshine.

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The Dutch Baby is a pancake alternative at Original Pancake House. It puffs up like a souffle in the oven, then falls once served.

Connie Miller

Original Pancake House

6840 E. Camelback Road, Scottsdale

Everyone in Scottsdale knows if you want pancakes, there’s one place to go. The Original Pancake House is a chain that started in the 1950s. Our local franchise location opened in 1988 and has been flipping flapjacks and serving breakfast staples ever since. Of course, there are the namesake pancakes, but don’t be afraid to stray from the original. The Dutch Baby topped with lemon and whipped butter is delicious, as are the49'er Flapjacks, plate-sized pancakes that resemble crepes. Take a step back in time, settle into a turquoise booth, and enjoy your fill of morning carbs at this Scottsdale staple.

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The menu at Rayoog Cafe has a wide selection of dishes. The Arabic Way, a sampler breakfast perfect for sharing, allows you to try many dishes at once.

Tirion Boan

Rayoog Cafe

78 N. Cooper Road, #101, Gilbert

Rayoog Cafe is a gem serving Middle Eastern breakfast food in the Gilbert suburbs. The restaurant describes itself as a Mediterranean eatery, and it has associated locations in Jordan and Iraq. For breakfast, we suggest going with a partner or group that's willing to share. The Arabic Way is perfect for two people, and comes with runny eggs topped with sausage slices, bread, hummus, falafel, salad, yogurt, fava beans and baba ghanoush. For a truly special experience, order one of the Mam's Tray options. These towering feasts come on a platter with two metal teapots stacked on top of one another. Around the base of the kettles, small plates include bites of different sweet and savory breakfast dishes.

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Vegan & Vine is an all-day affair, but the cozy red-brick restaurant is a great place to start your morning.

Tirion Boan

Vegan & Vine

502 E. Thunderbird Road

Eggs and bacon are the foundation of many breakfast foods. But they don’t always have to be. Vegan & Vine offers everything we love about the morning meal without any animal products. The restaurant is located on the northwest corner of Seventh Street and Thunderbird Road in the Moon Valley shopping center. There, customers can find a table inside the red-brick restaurant and settle in with a cappuccino or matcha latte. To eat, try the hearty breakfast burrito packed with tofu, roasted peppers, potato and vegan cheddar and sausage. The biscuits and gravy are another satisfying way to start your day. For something sweet, tack on an order of beignets with berries and vegan chocolate ganache.

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Vovomeena's Mexican Benedict features sopes topped with poached eggs and chorizo.

Tirion Boan


1515 N. Seventh Ave. #170

Looking for a cozy, convenient spot near downtown Phoenix that still has a neighborhood feel? Head to Vovomeena. Inside, grab a menu, and peruse your options as you wait in line for your turn at the counter. As you move through the line, take a look inside the pastry case to see what goodies you can add to your order. Standout dishes include the Pain Perdu, a twist on French toast made with banana bread pudding, the Johnnycakes made with corn and chiles, and the smoked pork chop and waffles. This spot is also a champion of local foods, servingSchreiner’s sausages, Hickman’s Family Farms eggs and coffee from theRoastery of Cave Creek.

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The 10 best breakfast restaurants in Phoenix (2024)
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