Top dogs: Where to snag a glizzy in Phoenix (2024)

From a culinary perspective, July 4 is a celebration of the hot dog. Look no further than the exploits of competitive eaters Joey “Jaws” Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi and American’s grocery orders for the holiday and you’ll see that the hot dog is at the top of the heap.

But, you don’t have to settle for a glizzy cooked to a crisp on a hot grill at home for this holiday weekend or the rest of the year. Restaurants around the Valley serve everything from classic franks to cheffed-up sausages.

No matter what you’re craving, find your way to hot dog heaven at these 10 spots around metro Phoenix.

Chicago Hamburger Co.

3749 E. Indian School Road

We see your eyebrows raised – yes, this Arcadia eatery touts hamburgers in its name, not hot dogs. But, don’t let that discourage you. Chicago Hamburger Co. has been slinging Vienna beef sausages, including a Chicago-style dog, on Indian School Road since 1975. Inside, the restaurant is a nostalgic tribute to the Windy City, particularly its sports teams. You’ll find that same dedication to the area with its ingredients. In addition to the sausages, the restaurant’s buns, sport peppers, relish, sauerkraut and pickles all hail “from the shores of Lake Michigan,” according to its website. Visit with an appetite; each dog comes with a side of fries. And with other enticing menu items such as Italian beef, fried zucchini and malts, you may be tempted to order much more.

Der Wurst Hot Dogs

6522 N. 16th St.

The resident glizzy gourmet inside Linger Longer Lounge has been named the Phoenix New Times’ Best Hot Dog three years in a row. That’s because Der Wurst Hot Dogs puts a spotlight on the stalwart sausage, from classic presentations with sauerkraut and mustard to over-the-top oeuvres, such as a chicken-fried version that comes with bourbon-glazed onions and pepper-bacon gravy. With a menu centered around wieners, come prepared for some tongue-in-cheek, occasionally not-safe-for-work menu names. Jokes aside, Der Wurst keeps its menu deliciously local using Schreiner’s Fine Sausages and scratch bakery-made pretzel buns.

Detroit Coney Grill

6953 Hayden Road, Scottsdale

Chicago isn’t the only midwestern locale with a regionally specific take on a hot dog. Inspired by the original frankfurter served on Coney Island, Greek and Macedonian immigrants took the tubular treat with them to Detroit, adding beanless chili, diced white onions and yellow mustard. The Coney Dog was born. Scottsdale’s Detroit Coney Grill celebrates the Motor City meat link with selections including the classic style, a southwestern take with cheddar and hatch chiles and a Detroit Loose Burger, a hot dog topped with ground beef, chili, mustard and onions. The restaurant also serves Detroit-style pizza, burgers and pitas stuffed with gyro meat, chicken or steak, along with classic sodas and a full bar.

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El Caprichoso's Sonoran hot dogs were the New Times' best in the Valley in 2023.

Patricia Escarcega

El Caprichoso Hot Dogs

2826 N. 35th Ave.
9444 N. 19th Ave.

Sonoran-style hot dogs abound in Arizona. The Hermosillo-born street fare endures as a splurge-worthy meal or a very necessary late-night raft to stem the tides of an evening of partying. No matter your reason to visit one of its two locations, El Caprichoso Hot Dogs continues to be one of our favorite places for a Sonoran dog, so much so that it was the New Times’ pick for Best Sonoran Hot Dog in 2023. The menu on El Caprichoso is simple – you can order a regular or “Titanic” version of the Sonoran hot dog, which is wrapped in bacon and topped with a mountain of goodies including grilled onions, beans, tomato, guacamole, salsa, cotija, grilled pepper, ketchup and mustard, all served on a griddled-yet-fluffy bun.

Myungrang Hotdog

1832 W. Broadway Road, #103, Mesa
9140 W. Glendale Ave., #110, Glendale

Riding the Korean hot dog craze, a number of chains have arrived in the Valley in recent years. Among them is Myungrang Hotdog, which has local franchises in Glendale and Mesa (a spot visited by TikTok food influencer Keith Lee). Myungrang’s dogs don’t appear on the typical bun and are often stuffed with other ingredients, such as cheese, dipped in a batter and fried. The menu includes familiar takes, such as the Original made with an all-beef dog. Those ready to up the ante should try twists on the classic corn dog that are made with a squid ink batter, rolled in deep-fried potato cubes or encrusted with fiery Hot Cheetos and a spicy Sriracha mayo.

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Roosevelt Row's new hot dog shop serves specialty flavors including Chicago and Sonoran-style dogs.

Gabby Madriaga

RoRo Dogs

610 E. Roosevelt St., #140

One of the newest spots for a sausage, RoRo Dogs opened on Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row in February. Launched by couple Donny Ades and Chris Campbell, the shop offers eight signature dogs that range from a classic chili cheese to a vegan version served on an onion bun with hummus, avocado, lettuce, tomato, a pickle spear and smoked paprika. There’s also Chicago and Sonoran styles as well as hot dogs inspired by tried and true flavor combinations, such as a BLT. We suggest trying the Picnic dog, which is topped with baked beans, coleslaw, yellow mustard, pickle and crumbled Lay’s Barbecue-flavored chips. Can’t decide? There’s also a build-your-own version at this fast-casual spot.

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The Bear is perhaps the craziest hot dog at Short Leash.

Patricia Escarcega

Short Leash Hot Dogs and Taproom

4221 N. Seventh Ave.

Short Leash Hot Dogs and Taproom might be one of the most epic places for a cheat day. The Melrose District eatery serves rich, carb-loaded creations from morning to evening, starting with hand-rolled brioche doughnuts and breakfast corn dogs followed by an ample selection of hot dogs, craft beer, co*cktails and shakes. The color-coded menu features 21 hot dogs, identified as a classic choice, adventurous or best in show. First, chose between an all beef, bratwurst, mango habanero, spicy, chicken or vegan dog. Just in time for your “The Bear” binge, try Short Leash’s Bear. It’s not a Chicago-style dog but is a wild combination of ingredients to dazzle your palate: peanut butter, smoked gouda, bacon, barbecue sauce and Cracker Jacks all wrapped up in naan.


924 E. Roosevelt St.

Hot dogs are part of the DNA of this decades-old diner, which has lived many lives, first in Williams and then in Phoenix. Once home to Little Chef and Welcome diners, the building has new tenants and a new name. Progress and Sottise owners Esther Noh and TJ Culp opened Sidewinder in May. It is reminiscent of a divey roadhouse but packed with culinary prowess. Sip a $3 Bud Heavy or a shot of Fernet and order one of the dogs on Sidewinder’s menu, such as the Slaw Dawg, which is wrapped in bacon and topped with a dill zucchini pickle slaw, mustard and celery seeds.

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The Colombian dog from Simon's Hot Dogs is topped with potato chips.

Teresa Traverse

Simon’s Hot Dogs

Location varies

Many Valley hot dog lovers were first introduced to Simon’s Hot Dogsat its brick-and-mortar restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale. Although that location shuttered in October 2023, Simon's Colombian-influenced dogs and loaded fries live on with its roving food truck. On the menu, you'll find the signature Colombian dog as well as gourmet versions inspired by Germany and Hawaii. Any order at Simon'sstarts with your choice of link. Options range from beef, brat or Colombian chorizo to vegan options. Simon's Colombian dog is topped with pineapple, cheese, Simon’s Sauce and crushed potato chips. If you’re craving more meat, add a side of Salchipapas, fries loaded with slices of your choice of sausage and Simon’s Sauce.

Ted’s Hot Dogs

1755 E. Broadway, Tempe

When it comes to hot dogs, a gussied-up glizzy is fun, but sometimes a classic is in order. For the Valley’s standard bearer, look no further than Ted’s Hot Dogs in Tempe. Ted’s charcoal grill has been aflame since 1927, when the chain was born in western New York. The Tempe location is the only one outside of the Empire State. On the menu, you’ll find several sausages, including all-beef, footlong and Polish, cooked to crisp perfection. You can add as many or as few toppings as you’d like, from cheese sauce and bacon to peppers and onions or macaroni and cheese.

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Top dogs: Where to snag a glizzy in Phoenix (2024)
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