Yes, Pizzeria Bianco is iconic. But don't sleep on these 6 essential pizza restaurants (2024)

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Metro Phoenix's pizza restaurants have gotten some attention recently. Pizzeria Bianco landed on the The New York Times's "22 of the Best Pizza Places in the United States," according to its food writers and critics, while two Scottsdale pizza restaurants, namely Pomo and Craft 46, were recognized among 50 Top Pizza USA.

Earlier this year, The Arizona Republic's features team compiled a list of "100 essential restaurants in metro Phoenix." Included in it are essential pizzeria suggestions independent of mentions from The New York Times or 50 Top Pizza.

From Phoenix to Chandler to Gilbert and Tempe, here's your locals-only guide to the most essential metro Phoenix pizzerias.

Il Bosco Pizza

Il Bosco Pizza sits just off Roosevelt Row in a cute little bungalow, flying decidedly under the radar and serving a reliably wonderful menu of simple Italian salads, a few appetizers and a serious lineup of where-did-that-come-from flavor-packed Neapolitan-style pizzas like the Za, which comes topped with red sauce, pepperoni, spicy sausage, hatch green chile, peppadew peppers, Calabrian Chile, mozzarella and a drizzle of honey. Bonus points for the fact you can get in on most nights without much of a wait.

Details:918 N. Fifth St.,

— Felicia Campbell


Claudio Urciuoli’s newest restaurantSourceis all about simple, beautiful Mediterranean food made with the highest quality ingredients. The menu is simple, with fresh baked breads, salads, sandwiches and pizzas, like my favorite the coppa, which comes topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, baby artichokes, oregano and capicollo — a dry-aged Italian salumi made from pork neck and shoulder on a pizza crust that’s so thin and airy it’s somehow light and satisfying at the same time.

Details:3150 E. Ray Road,

— Bahar Anooshahr

Via Della Slice Shop

Did I mention I love a slice shop? We’re pretty #blessed in Phoenix to have several good ones and Via Della is among the best. I’m pretty obsessed with the white pie topped with caramelized onions on a sesame seed crust and the spicy sausage pie topped with Schreiners sausage, Calabrian chilis, ricotta and hot honey. But I recently discovered the green pie that’s topped with pesto crema, jalapeño-pineapple marmalade (what?), a pistachio crumble and reggiano cheese. It’s an assault to the senses in the best way and I don’t know how I’ll ever visit again without ordering it.

Details:222 N. Fifth Ave., Phoenix.(602) 341-6327,

— Felicia Campbell


Shame on Walter White for plenty of reasons, including throwing a perfectly good Venezia's pie on a roof. The New York-style spot has perfected take-home 'za. Go for a simple cheese pizza and, if you're inclined to dip, know that the ranch is worth buying by the bottle.

Details:27 E. Southern Ave., Tempe. Multiple locations.

— Becky Bartkowski

Vero Chicago Pizza

Vero, which originally opened as Buddyz, is exactly what you want in a neighborhood pizza joint, with generously topped pies and servers who greet you by name. I like to grab a spot at the bar or community table and chat with my neighbors while waiting for my meal. The pan pizza is authentic, its thick crust crisped in a buttered pan for a steamy combination of crunchy bite and tender chew. The menu lists lots of creative combos, but a simple pepperoni pan pizza here stands up to anything I’ve had in Chicago.

Details:1334 E. Chandler Blvd., Phoenix. Also in Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek (two locations)

— Jill Cassidy

Hot Daisy

I fell in love with slice joints when I lived in New York City. In what other scenario can you enjoy a red slice, a white slice and a curveball in one meal? At Hot Daisy, the offerings range from classic pepperoni, which can be ordered firefighter style with hot peppers, to an elote slice — a surprise favorite for a purist like me. They're all good. Order more than you think you can eat, because there's nothing better than leftover pizza.

Details: 610 E. Roosevelt St., Ste 145, Phoenix. 602-840-3644,

— Felicia Campbell

And, of course, Pizzeria Bianco

As a fan of Neapolitan style, wood-fired pizza, I was curious, and a little skeptical of the high praise and accolades surroundingChris Bianco’s destination artisan pizzarestaurant. I'm here to tell you that it’s absolutely worth the hype. Pizzeria Bianco boasts a number of unique specialties like the Rosa, topped with red onion, Parmesan, rosemary and Arizona pistachios; and the Biancoverde, which includes mozzarella, Parmesan, ricotta and arugula. I went with a classic on my first visit, opting for the margherita with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. The quality of the ingredients set it apart dramatically from similar pizzas I've eaten in the past. Go here at least once to see what the fuss is about.

Details: 623 E. Adams St., Phoenix. 602-258-8300,

— Michael Salerno

Reach the reporter Follow @banooshahr onX, formerly Twitter.

Yes, Pizzeria Bianco is iconic. But don't sleep on these 6 essential pizza restaurants (2024)
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